Critical Mass (5E SKT)

Episode 001 - "River of Lies"
Storm King's Thunder, Part I

  • The party recalls some potent memories: Althaea's bonding with storm giant royalty, Nines' escape from the Doom of the Desert, Ulfgar's dalliance with a fire giant's daughter, Eyvind's standoff with the White Wyrm and Efah's trial alongside Harshnag the Grim.

"I'll ask the question again, and we'll find if you're more agreeable!"

"So the club is supposed to help me be agreeable?"

"The club is supposed to help you become flatter!"

  • Arriving in Nightstone at the behest of Lady Velrosa Nandar, the party finds the town mysteriously devastated by boulders and overrun by goblins. After some skirmishes and a literally squashed interrogation, Althaea contacts the spirit of the surrounding moat, learning of a recent cloud giant attack that forced the townsfolk north…

"Why are we leaving this goblin alive?"

"I'd like to know what's going on."

"They're vermin."

"Yeah, but they're vermin that think."

  • The following day, the party heads to the town tavern, searching for monsters, survivors and answers. Upstairs, they stumble upon Kella, a young human woman in monk's garb with a snake coiled around her arm. With many of the party immediately suspicious of her, Althaea magically charms Kella into revealing her true identity: that of a Zhentarim sleeper agent. Before they can deal with this newfound knowledge, goblins burst through the door of the tavern!

"You know with your drunkvision…you can immediately tell that bullshit is reeking off of this woman. You could probably smell it from the moon."


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