A Dhampir serving his Queen and warlock patron:The Raven Queen


A Dhampir with the insatiable hatred for the undead. Quick to befriend those who see past his parentage.

Blast of pew pew 5 to hit 1d103
Cold Hands- 5 to hit 1d8 ban from regen extra bad if undead
Hand of brightness- blast 1 self 1d6 Con Save
Grow Fangs-
5 melee spell 1d10
Backseat driver- 1d4 on ability check

Lvl 1
spell of arrow to knee- 1d6 necro extra damage and chosen weakness of ability
Warm reprimand- 3d10 fire on fail to get out of the way half because even it you do it’s still warm.
No place like home- Wis Save to hit or new target on fail
stave off pain-1d4+4 +5 per spell lvl above 1 temp HP

Lvl 2

Loud Boom-3d8 R-10 ft Con save
shadow clone jutsu – first clone dc 6, 8, 11 14 AC
child care’s fav spell
silence 20ft R
Ghostly Weapon- 1d8+8 bonus action spell bonus to hit again plus move 20ft


Home is in a far away land of AlwaysWinter, a harsh cold place filled with tracksuits. Abandoned for the monster they thought he was, was taken in by this woman. She carries the tale that she is as strong as a bear, as big as a bear, as motherly as a bear and that she takes care of those left in her domain.

His parentage always brought him lots of hate from his peers apart from one boy who has now wandered away from the motherland and so he set out on his own pilgrimage to find him.

While looking for his dear friend he met a mourning dragon, Arveiaturace. Eyvind sympathized with the great dragon for the loss of its friend and master, whose corpse was sitting in a saddle atop the White Wyrm. In its mourning it had made mention that he was merely incomplete, that if we found the ring he would be complete again. This greatly disturbed Eyvind for he had to choose, the sympathy for the loss of a great friend or his hate for the undead. And soon the great White Wyrm left in joy, for his master was whole again.

Later during his travels he was visited by raven in his dreams. She spoke to him about his vendetta against his kind. Charmed by her ideals, he offered himself into the service of the messenger. It was then he noticed it was no longer a raven that sit before him but a woman. A woman with raven black hair and pale skin, the patron of Winter, Goddess of Death, The Raven Queen.


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